Claudia is a true professional who understands medicine and her patients. I met with her twice and have already begun recovery. She evaluated my symptoms, then made her prognosis from which she developed a plan for me to recover. I would highly recommend her.

David Tiborio on Aug 21, 2017

“I had a great Reiki healing session with Claudia and she was full of understanding where I am at on my journey and a great support when I needed it”

Daniel S. on March 3, 2017

“I love Claudia, she has a wonderful, joyful presence about her. I felt supported throughout the journey. I am excited about what is next on my Reiki journey”

Lisa Engleberg on August 26, 2016

“Claudia is a remarkable healer. She approached me with an amazing intuition, knowledge-base and great wisdom and she delivered amazing healing energy. I am trained in allopathic medicine (M.D.) so my understanding of the principles of Reiki is somewhat limited and I was skeptical. My prior experience with Reiki was also anything but good. With Claudia, I may not understand much of what she does but I know that she is working earnestly on my behalf (also a great life coach) and you just can’t argue with results”

Geoffrey Colino on July 14, 2016

“I have had the honor of having Claudia Michalik as my life coach since April 2014. words can’t express enough how she has changed my life drastically. I have had so many break throughs and learned a great deal about myself. She has tauht me the importance of being committed to myself, be authentic to myself and others, have positive energy and be in integrity with myself. She has taught me how to view circumstances/events in my life in a more positive/productive perspective. I have changed and became a better person personally and professionally. She is always there for me and what i really like is that she does not sugar coat it. for me i need that drill sergeant and she does not let me get away with anything. She truly loves her profession and she excels at it. I am so grateful to have her as my life coach. My family, friends, and coworkers have noticed a positive difference. Now i am on my positive journey because of her. before she was my life coach i was spiraling down the dark rabbit hole with no light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend her and grateful for having her in my life”

Tyra Hoffman on March 18, 2015

“Claudia was one of the first professional people I met after I moved to Florida. She was warm and welcoming, wanting to get to know me and all about my business. She is professional in her business relationships and goes above and beyond to help people any way she can. I treasure Claudia as one of my friends.”

Irene A. on February 8, 2015

“Claudia is an amazing mentor, healer, teacher and friend. She is an educated woman with a lot to give. She lives an exemplary life with health and healing for her and her family. She can help heal anyone with food education and her natural ability to heal with her spirit. I love Claudia and recommend any of services to my friends and family.”

Marilyn Lopez on February 5, 2015

“Claudia has deep insight and a toolbox full of wisdom and modalities from which to discover and resolve her client’s ailments. And she has an analytical side that she uses to find her well-researched solutions. She’s warm, loving and funny!”

Liliana Barr on February 4, 2015

“I was fortunate to find Claudia for my daughter through a friend and what a blessing she has been for my daughter and our family.
Claudia has been my daughter’s life coach for approximately one year and she has made a significant difference. My daughter attributes Claudia with helping her be positive, improving her self image, and assisting her with relationships. She also connected her with meaningful seminars which contributed to her knowledge of self and self improvement journey.
I would highly recommend her.”

Dianne Goldberg on February 4, 2015

“When I first met Claudia it was like I knew her for a very long time. She was genuine. She made me feel at home and I was definitely in need of her guidance for this new journey I was about to undertake. There was not a moment where I felt intimidated or lost. I was, for all means and purpose, grounded within her nature. Claudia and I embarked on a journey I knew nothing about. She has held my hand throughout this entire transformation. Yes, I have been going through a wonderful transformation. Everything she said was going to happen, has and with positive results because I was readied by her to embrace and accept all that came about. I feel like a butterfly that had never been let out of her cocoon. In fact, it was really because I was specifically afraid of what I might find. My husband attests that there has been a change in me; for the better too! I am more organized. I can think without clouds dancing in my head. I make much better decisions in my life and for those in my family. I look forward for what the present is showing me and I am not afraid to think forward. I have been eating better. I have been feeling better. As far as healing, I am more attuned to what I am able to do to help others. While I am usually a perky, extrovert, I have found myself maturing and measuring what I say and do that could possibly hurt others. That matters to me so much now. I have used this light to help people and pets and I love this because I feel useful for this universe. My endless question about what my future will be has been answered once and for all. In order to get to the future, I must ensure all is well in the present. Therefore, I no longer live in the future. Instead, I live in the present and make sure that every day that I am awake and finding a way to help others.

Claudia does not need anything to fix in her manner of helping people like me. She enjoys a hefty wealth of scientific and healing knowledge that could help any being in this universe. She has gone beyond any of my expectations. I could safely say that her work would have been catalogued in time as the work of a modern day angel. My impression of my journey is simple. I am a better being because of Claudia. End of story. There is no further accolade that I could give her as a human being. The angels and the grand creator will do the rest. I am proud of knowing Claudia and her angels and guides. They have spoken to my heart and my soul. I am now ready to face my life. I only wish I would have met her earlier in my life. I would have made better choices and would have enjoyed my life more if I had. Thank you Claudia.”

Mary Nunez on  February 2015