Scientific and Spiritual Solutions for the 21st Century Healer

Life IS much better than what you’re experiencing right now.

Whether your desires are to experience a more loving home environment … enjoy a more intimate relationships with your partner … transform your health or improve your financial situation … we all really want the same thing …

To be HAPPY … and to spread happiness in the world. 

Anyone that knows how to be happy and spread happiness is a healer.  We all have the power to heal and heal others. If we are to begin to change the world we see, we must first begin with what we see within us.

After spending the past 18 years exploring the interplay between science, energy work and Universal Laws … Working with Reiki Masters, Shamanic Teachers and Spiritual Mentors … And methodically blending my analytical skills as a scientist with my intuitive skills as a woman and healer … I finally gave myself permission to let common sense, logic and science to work alongside my spiritual, intuitive and mystical side.  I discovered that was the missing piece!  All my education and success did not insure my success in being happy, and fulfilled.

My new program presents a grounded, systematic approach to magic and manifestation. One that’s devoid of spiritual hype and chock full of the real answers you need to step into your true potential as a healer.

This program gives you everything you need to create a healthy connection between your body, mind and spirit.  I can let you find the balance between your right and left brain.

One that, when activated properly, rewires you for inner peace and happiness!

Come dance with me on a spectrum where science and magic meet and discover:  

  • An entirely new paradigm of holistic healing that honors every aspect of you as a healer.
  • The clarity and confidence to manifest what you really want in life using the tools of “scientific magic” to transform your life.
  • The skill and wisdom to become a Reiki Healer in your own right.
  • Your innate ability to experience – and share – abundance and love in every area of your life, every single day.
  • The secrets to making positive impact in your community … so you can make a difference and leave behind a legacy of love.