My journey as a healer takes me from one end of the spectrum of allopathic medicine, logic and skepticism to alternative, holistic and spiritual solutions.  I love to teach and guide people how to disentangle their lives and learn how to optimize and live at peak performance.  The trick is to understand that as complex human beings we may get stuck from not seeing all 6 domains: Body, Mind/Brain, Emotions, Energetic and Spiritual/Soul.  Learn how to balance them all, and life is miraculous!   

My career first started as a Biomedical Electrical Engineer.  This gave me the opportunity to work with the Doctors in the Diagnostic industry.  Working for GE Medical Systems I learned that Prevention was going to be more important than early detection.  I took my education and started learning about nutrition.  I became a certified Health Coach and started teaching clients how to understand their body, and how to nourish it.  I taught how to educate one to make choices not based on medical dictates and governmental entities such as the FDA and EPA but on our own common sense and research.  I started teaching freethinking, interdependence and following your own innate intelligence. 

By now, I had started a family and I’m blessed to have 2 boys.  It is here that my life turned from the scientific to integrating a more spiritual perspective.  Always in search of understanding our purpose as human beings, how to create health and happiness, who knew that the answer came from my baby boy?  His ability to see the unseen, see auras and angels gave me a choice to either research this realm or dismiss it as the cute imagination of a child.  I began to study and use my son as my litmus tester and this opened my eyes to the effective miracles available to me by choosing this perspective.  As a scientist, I love to teach the science behind Co-creative Science, Reiki, and energy healing.  Understanding quantum physics and the Universal Laws have worked to create incredible shifts in my and my family’s lives.  This is what fulfills me.  Showing people that they have the ability to transform, heal themselves and others.  A healer is anyone that can live and be happy and by cause and effect: spread happy to others and the world. Is there any other impact that you want to leave in this world or in the hearts of others that’s better? 

If you want to learn how to tap into the fountain of happiness; if you want to learn how to trust yourself again and move forward with confidence and joyfulness, Call and sign up now!

Claudia Marrero-Michalik